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  1. Lowren

    Gender Jam

    Hi all, I would like to share a game jam that sounds interesting to me. Called the gender jam, the goal is to make a game based on gender, preferably related to your own experience. The game has to be about anything that is gender-themed, like differences between men and women, feminism, seduction, homosexuality, sexism etc (just some examples). As a woman in the game industry, I found it particulary interesting. Let's mention that this game jam has been canceled and reported several times, and the jam creator finally hosted it on her website due to hosters issues (e.g it was on itch.io bu
  2. You need to have at least 5 posts to see it.
  3. It's impossible. I myself have to continue to use r146 or less because of the "Hide adress bar" feature removal after this release... I found it quite disappointing from Scirra to remove this feature btw.
  4. Para One - La naissance des pieuvres https://play.spotify.com/album/00pZQlDpQYrccJUVQ34DDa That's perfect when I want to focus on working while listen to music.
  5. Acer aspire 2010 laptop with Windows 8, my TV used as a second screen, Construct 2, pen & paper.
  6. How lucky you are... I would be happy to be 1.68m and 50kg :/ I have the opposite. Always on diet
  7. I learned to do game design docs at school but since I'm an HTML5 indie dev, I never made a GDD anymore. I think it's useless to do it for such little games, like Ahmed said. A GDD is useful when you're several on the project, to let know to the others how the game work (even more relevant if the game is complicated). But it's of course good to write notes and (that's very important) mockups!
  8. It's an interesting idea that can worth give it a try. Or just ask few publishers you're in touch with if they can be interested by this type of games. So you will better know if there's a market for this. The best solution is often asking them directly!
  9. Yes it's normal, the game has no sound. Thank you both for taking time to test it, I guess it's because of their phone then. I don't know what else it could be.
  10. Hi all, A sponsor came to me with these problems I have to fix before we can conclude a deal: I tested it with a Galaxy Tab and I didn't encountered the problem... The game worked fine. I don't have a 3GS / Galaxy Y so I can't test it on theses devices :/ Here's the game: http://lowren.net/games/junglekingtest/ Big thanks!
  11. When I have to sell a game to Softgames I convert all the texts into .png except the dynamic texts (ie. score). For their API, then I just have to put english and spanish .png texts into the img folder so the game switch into one or another by loading image from an URL.But I have the same advices than others here: improve the graphics (it's very important that the game is good looking) and make it easier to play. They don't like it when your game is too hard to play or when it's too frustrating for free portal casual players (and they're right).
  12. I want this thing so badly but I came 1 day too late
  13. Maybe too short for Halloween for me, but I'm planning to make a Christmas game. I hope you'll be interested when you need that type of games
  14. Adventures game requires a lot of work / time, because you have to make a strong and credible story that you'll turn into a game. This is a very different process than making an arcade game. Plus, the very large public doesn't care about reading and emotionnally engage theirselves in an interactive story when they play games on the internet. I think it's a waste of time if you plan to find sponsors with this type of game. But it can be a very positive experience if you do it as a personal project.
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