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  1. Cool what countries do you have enabled in play console? It says its not available in my country (Netherlands).
  2. I tested it today on an iPhone and it is definitely a different (much more invasive) bug. I think for now if you like to try it you can best use a different browser. The game is tested most in Chrome (since it is meant as Android app in first place) and Firefox an Edge. Since I don't own any Mac/iPhone/iPad it hasn't been tested on safari.
  3. Hi, just tried your game and I really like it! It looks good, runs smooth and its a creative concept When will the android app be available?
  4. Thanks for trying out the game! Glad you liked it! That bug is annoying me for a long time, I thought I had it worked around in the physics engine. I didn't know you could continue by pause and resume (moving the other direction worked for me), this is a nice clue to identify what is going on. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I made a demo version and managed to embed it in the itch.io page without any problems! If you try the game please let me know what you think (no matter how short, all feedback is welcome!), also please let me know if you experience any issues. You can play the demo online at https://eyeseet.itch.io/amazeballs
  6. Really like the (intense) style of this game. Good job!
  7. Thank you for your response and interest! I just created an itch.io account and I'm going to make a demo version so you can try it out (not sure if it will be playable from itch.io or that I'll host it somewhere) I'll let you know when it is available.
  8. Yes! Works on my phone. It took me a while to figure things out but your original post helped me past the three birds in the balloon. That is where I get stuck again because the next rope is just a bit to high to reach. The rope mechanics look good and I like the way the character swings his legs
  9. True, I posted my game a while ago and got no feedback at all. It was pretty demotivating. Hope my feedback changes thing for others just a little bit, I'm glad it is appreciated! You could also let players place them at the start of the game (or buy them during) Exactly, fences or low walls can have same properties, but other structures like mirrors, elevations or traps can have other properties. However, keeping things simple also has advantages. I'd love to get a PM when you release the next major update.
  10. Hi, very nice game, here's my feedback. First of all the game ran smooth without errors or glitches so good job on that! The game was pretty hard to play solo, but when someone joined it was really fun! Maybe an easier mode for when nobody is online could be an idea. (Is coop mode always 2 players or can there be more?) The input (mobile) takes some time to get used but in landscape orientation it is not bad at all. Probably it can be better if you can use two fingers for control. One small point for improvement is that the menu does not fit my screen in landscape orientati
  11. Fun game, I like the concept. Can't play the game on my phone though. Site says that my device is not supported and directs to list with mobile games. Maybe this is a wrong setting at 1000webgames?
  12. Hello, I'm looking for feedback on my first game/mobile app: Amazeballs! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.eyeseet.maze It is a maze-escape game written in using Matter-js and Three.js and runs as an android app using Cordova. There are currently two modes, a top view mode and a 3D ground mode. As you finish levels you earn coins to buy upgrades (speed, manoeuverability and camera zoom out) which should help you finish larger mazes. I'd love to hear what you think of the game. Any feedback or ideas to improve the game are very welcome!
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