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  1. YAY💯! I miss my dark mode but I can wait! Now I got full version🥰
  2. !!!!!! It worked!!!! What kind of magic did you use? Thank you very much!!!!
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply. There's no log.log file I can find in \AppData\Roaming\Panda 2 Just "Partitions" folder in it. Sorry if I understand this wrong.
  4. Edit: The culprit was windows 10 dark mode. If you turn off that, then It works fine! Thank you enpu for letting me know about this! I downloaded this and installed. I clicked icon but nothing shows up. I can see a bunch of background process as in attachment image. What I tried: Uninstall, Restart Windows and Reinstall Stop and/or Uninstall Virus Software (Bitdefender and Windows Defender) Run as administrator Is there anything I can do for this? Thank you so much!