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  1. from the docs: Start the browsers fullscreen mode - this must be called from a user input Pointer or Mouse event.
  2. update - input output explosion data.
  3. Updated: preset explosions randomize values with one click
  4. Ah, yeah did not test that on safari. Thanks for pointing this out
  5. Not atm. Use texture packer or shoebox might do the trick as well
  6. Hello All, A few years ago i created an explosion generator in flash that was well received by the community of indie developers. Since the days of flash are over i wanted to make a better version using html5. At first i was using just software rendering and canvas, which was kinda.. eh.. slow. I switched to the pixi lib using web-gl and the particle batch renderer improving performance about 1000%. It has a few options to play around with. You might want to check it out at: It has the option to save the images as transparent png's in a zip for use in texturepacker. Cheers, Wouter
  7. You can add all bullets to a group and check if the player collides with that group. On collision you can get the bullet that you collide with and check its damage value and type perhaps?
  8. I think that is done with shaders. There are a couple of other options to fake it. Create a custom mesh and let the vertices be influenced by the player movent. You could easily set a fading image as texture. Another option might be to have a look at filters in pixi The most easy and ugly solution though is to have the player emit particles downwards with a timer delay.
  9. nice game. I like the artwork and it feels smooth on desktop anyway. You might want to give the player a headstart with some credits before bothering them with viewing an ad to play.
  10. Hi, My name is Wouter Visser and i am a creative developer from the Netherlands. I can code mobile games with unity3d in c#. What exacly do you need? Let me know if i can do anything for you. Cheers, Wouter
  11. great game, enjoyed playing it. I wanted to shoot the hat for bonus
  12. haha, thanks. I did tune down the difficulty. Might even tune it down some more to balance it more towards medium.
  13. a quick countdown at the start might be nice to prepare the player for the action. I agree it is a bit fast paced but i enjoyed playing and even managed to get some jewelry out.
  14. ok, thats good to hear. The nexus 5 supports webgl is my guess.