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  1. Hi, thank you! Getting feedback is proving troublesome... so I appreciate that. Scaling the difficulty to match the number of players is something i'd certainly like to add. Both Coop and deathmatch are up to 4 players. 100% agreed. I threw it in just to have something workable, but I knew it wasn't great. I'm actually working on something better right now. Ok, that's interesting, will look into it. I very specifically designed it so that I wouldn't need to explain anything to the player (no annoying tooltips/popups etc). That's why the button to deploy the tower is the same as the shoot button (so you'd eventually figure it out by 'accident' anyway). I consider the accidental dropping to be a small price to pay for that. I still can't quite make up my mind about this. I currently have the map voting system (you can vote for a different map at the end of the game), but I'm starting to get ideas of a dynamically changing map, where the walls shift and change at the end of each wave. The configurations of walls could even be randomly generated. Now that's something that never occurred to me at all. I like that a lot, although water itself might not fit the theme, maybe a 'gap' in the floor that just drops into the void, or something. So the zombies have to walk around it, but you can still shoot at them from the other side. I just started posted updates on the itch profile, but I wouldn't mind updating you via PMs either. Once again, thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, here's my current project, You can protect the base from zombies in coop mode or go head to head in a deathmatch against players. Keyboard & Mouse: Move mouse to aim, click to shoot. WASD to move. Mobile/Tablet: Tap to shoot, double tap to move. (This is still a little clunky, improvements to come). Gamepad: Any button to shoot, right stick to aim, left stick to move. Tech stack: babylon.js for graphics, inferno.js for website and UI, colyseus.js for server, Agones for server orchestration. Most of the core features are done, I marked it as WIP because I'll likely add more stuff in the future. I am desperately seeking feedback for this, so please let me know what you think. I also have the page here: Thank you