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  1. Thank you @bigtimebuddy. Your exporter sounds neat! How far into development are you and how are you going to publish it? My current plan is to expand aape into an Animate plugin bevor I release it fully.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm extremely excited to share my latest side project with you. I call it aape. It is my version of an Adobe Animate PixiJS exporter. Here are two demos of exported animations: davidochmann.de/content/html/aape/aape.html davidochmann.de/content/html/aape/runner.html How it works: The project is split into two parts. A JSFL script to export your current Animate timeline and a few JS classes to download and display the animation. Your animation is build as usual. The only difference being that you have to explicitly tell aa
  3. I used EaselJS as base engine. The rest of the game was custom made.
  4. Hi, i recently uploaded the first version of one of my side projects, p(ape)rball. play p(ape)rball The game is a variant of Puzzle-Bobble. It currently includes one randomized endless mode with a local highscore and a dancing monkey. Not to be totally unoriginal, I also included bombs and bricks. Bricks can only be removed by clearing the surrounding items. Bombs explode if you connect them with three items of the same color. The current Version of the game automatically scales to various display sizes (on startup). The last screenshot shows the iPhone 4 version of the game. Plea
  5. Pom-Bear World Hi, we recently launched a jump and run with a community driven level editor on pom-baer.de. The user created levels are accecible for everyone. If you become a community member, you can create and share your own levels and post your score in the highscore table. http://www.pom-baer.de/spiele/weltenbauer/welten.html Editor and Game were build using EaselJS. We use JSON as level exchange format. The level editor is confined to one plane with a 128x128 grid. We plan to extend the editor with future updates by adding new gameplay components and graphic sets. André Engel
  6. Haha. Thank you. The score not getting displayed is one of those pre-beta bugs. We hadn't had enough time to properly test / debug the game yet.
  7. Thank you. The scaling issued should be easily fixable, I just haven't got around to it yet.
  8. Hi, Sky Knight is one of the games that was done during our "one day" game jam. This game essentially begun as a reverse Ridiculous Fishing. Get up, score on your way down. Sky Knight is still rough around the edges and very unbalanced. There are no menus, no tutorial and no propper Android controls (sorry). Try to enjoy it anyways . Play Sky Knight Gameplay: You control a knight that gets catapulted into the air to fight dragons! Acent as high into the air as possible. Kill all dragons on your way down. Open your parashute bevor you hit the ground. Controls: On dekstop, contro
  9. EaselJS. It is very easy to get into if you come from a Flash background.
  10. We actually haven't started to promote the game actively (well, except for this post ). It shows in our downloads. At the moment, this game is mostely a technologie showcase for our customers.
  11. That was one reason, but we might publish the game to a different platform (browser, Android) in the future.
  12. Hi, we recently released one of our side projects on the iOS App Store. UDDER IN THE DARK is a puzzle game featuring our blind cow Udder. Guided by the player, she has to navigate through a maze, in complete darkness. The game was build with EaselJS and CocoonJS. It features 31 mazes with different game mechanics. We purposely avoided tutorial levels and menu screens to keep the player invested in the world. UDDER IN THE DARK is optimized to run on iPads, but will also run on iPhones up from 4s. You can download the game for free from: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/udder-in-the-dark/id737694
  13. We added sound effects and (placeholder) background music to the game. The controls are now a littel more forgiving and passengers now spawn a little more random.
  14. We updated the game with new graphics and added sound as well as (placeholder) background music. Enjoy
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