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  1. Thanks, I was just thinking if they would exist a general solution. Since I am just using only a chat and the game world itself I am using the pointerover to change the focus. Is there a possibility to not fire events to the parent and so on if both the child and parent is interactive with the same events?
  2. Hello, I am trying to implement keyboard inputs in pixi. Unfortunately pixi does not support this function. They are a lot of good examples which I found but none of them really worked perfect. I would like to have some kind of events happening when a key is pressed and the PIXI.Container is focused. (like its working with mouse) Example how I want it to work: 1. main PIXI.Container (stage) have the possibility to move a character with WASD-keys(easy to do) 2. textinput (chat) which is a child of the stage, writing text without perform the events on the parent when pressing WASD It would be possible to disable all keys on textinput and enable them again on mouse click on the parent again. But it would be a little bit hacky. Is there a better way which exist or how are you doing this?