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  1. I think you can find what you're looking for here. The approved answer even has a working demo.
  2. 1. Well, getting started basically. This implies you have to find what tools best suit you (if you're just a hobbyist you're not necessarily looking for what is considered "the best", but what is intuitive to you), finding the places to publish your stuff (if you're expecting to earn some revenue you're also going need a little extra knowledge) and getting motivated. 2. Knowing your stuff is out there, on the web, available for anyone to try without installation. Sharing the link is enough. 3. Those people would be @MrPancakesfor giving me an opportunity to get involved in this commu
  3. Unity's official position is that WebGL isn't compatible with mobile devices. However, it does work on quite a few, depending on how advanced the features it's using are. There isn't any way to convert a Unity project to HTML5 (or at least I don't know any) because Unity is a 3D engine at it's core and in order to make it work in browser, WebGL is the best (and possibly the only) solution. If you're planning on specifically targeting mobile browsers, Unity isn't a good solution. The only way to "convert" a Unity game to html would be to actually remake it in a different engine or framework.
  4. Hi! From what I gathered, in order to receive revenue share for a game published on CrazyGames, your game must be published there first. Is there a minimum amount of time you have to wait before publishing to other portals?
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