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  1. Now that I've fixed the code, I've updated the zip file. When you mask line 724 of Live2DInterfaceMZ.js, the screen you want to display in the background is displayed. If you run it as it is, you will see the girl on a screen with a black background.
  2. I looked it up myself. I thought I needed a different code than bindRenderTexture to replace bindRenderTarget with PIXI5. On the way to checking bindRenderTarget, I thought the following two things were important. Which variables are equivalent roles in PIXI5? ・baseTexture._glRenderTargets ・WebGLRenderer._activeRenderTarget
  3. Thank you very much. I just noticed the reply. I will refer to your github.
  4. Thank you for your reply. That is, replace bindRenderTexture with renderer.renderTexture.bind. It will be renderer.renderTexture.bind like bindRenderTarget, Does that mean the argument is different?
  5. Compared to pixi4, I found that the background becomes black because the part corresponding to bindRenderTexture is not implemented. What happens when pixi5 implements a function equivalent to bindRenderTexture?
  6. sorry. The download destination was not appropriate. It should be as follows. 1.Download the model from the URL below. 2.Push "Cubism SDL for Web" 3.Unzip CubismSdkForWeb-4-r.1\Samples\Resources Hiyori
  7. I put the current project below. It may be a little complicated because it is based on rpgmakermz.
  8. Due to the rules, it is difficult to post the current project as it is. Please wait for a while as we will create the smallest project separately.
  9. Thank you for responce. ①about vao I replaced vao with the following code. (The result did not change) renderer.geometry.contextChange(); ②current results When the display target is displayed, the background becomes black. [reference]
  10. The background is displayed in black.(I want to display only the live2d model on the existing screen). I think the baseRenderTexture setting is wrong, but I'm not sure. I would like to know if there is a way to make the background transparent. The code of the render part is as follows. ※renderer is Renderer Live2DSprite.prototype._render = function(renderer) { //Create renderTexture. $ =; $gameLive2d.canvas = renderer.view; if (!this.modelReady) { this.texture = new PIXI.RenderTexture.create($gameLive2d.canvas.width, $gameLive2d.canvas.height); this.modelReady = true; return; }; //Create VertexArray vao =;; //Clear buffer renderer.framebuffer.clear(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0); //Draw Live2dModel if($gameLive2d._lappLive2dManager){ LAppPal.updateTime();; $gameLive2d._lappLive2dManager.onUpdate(); } //bind renderTexture renderer.renderTexture.bind(this.texture); }
  11. Below is the continuation of the project. Somehow, I understand how to render a live2d model. Currently, it is possible to display the live2d model. However, the background becomes dark. I want to display the background transparently. I thought that if you preload BaseRenderTexture from the following description, it will be solved, I don't know how. I would appreciate it if you could introduce useful materials.
  12. thank you so much! I will study with reference to the contents of the reply.
  13. I want to display a live2d model using PixiJS V5, cubism 4.0 sdk. Specifically, I am planning to create a Live2DSprite that inherits Sprite and display it by rendering. However, it is not done at present. Probably you haven't successfully replaced the bindRenderTexture and bindRenderTarget of PixiJS V4 I am thinking. Is there a mechanism to change to bindRenderTexture and bindRenderTarget in PixiJS V5? [reference] I want to do the following. [progress] Reference video