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  1. Very cool application, I think it is convenient to use for translation and localization. But it all depends on the purpose of use. To localize and translate the game, I used the source I found here https://isaccurate.com/transcription-services For such purposes, I prefer human translation. I believe that machine translation cannot be of such quality.
  2. Thanks for this quick guide to gaming marketing! It's rightly noted that search engines prioritize content much more than before. But the marketing ploy is also of great importance and we should choose a strategy that ideally matches our direction. But content is the driving factor. For me personally, it's difficult to completely follow such a marketing strategy and I'm pretty sure that I even missed some stages. But I still believe that in the presence of high-quality content, a good result will imperative. I also added SEO to my strategy and with the help of software, I can check a
  3. I started with the basics of HTML and am currently coding my first layout using Figma
  4. Nico Ray

    Phaser 3 book

    I searched on Amazon, this is what I need. Although now I have to suspend my studies, as I am very busy with assignments in college. Now I am preparing written work and have already found a suitable option for their implementation with the help of reviews Pick The Writer. Now for me, this is a priority, so I spend almost all my free time on preparation.
  5. I'm new here, nice to meet you, guys!
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