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  1. Hello, thanks for this keyword! On youtube videos about my game I see that it seriously lags on mobile devices. Before I think about ads I should guarantee a good user experience. Now I will do some research about progressive web apps (PWA).
  2. "If so I assume an ~infinite number of potential maps already exist within the system. Amongst them is "Europe" - waiting to be discovered." That is a nice idea. But I think that the resulting seed would be as large as the map itself. And the time to find the map would be very long. My solution was to save the Europe map as an image with two colors. In the end it costs me 23 kilo byte. That is ok and as long as the whole game stays under 500 kb everything is fine.
  3. As the title says the android webview delivers a bad performance in contrast to browser tabs. This is actually very annoying. Because in browser tabs one is not allowed to show admod ads. The mobile browser (in most cases Chrome) is very fast. Webviews are slow. In webviews I can implement a javascript interface: This way I can communicate with the website (in my case with my game Territorial.io). Browser tabs don't allow this feature. Furthermore they are not fullscreen. And in the end I can't show ads there. At the moment I let the user decide whether he wants to ope
  4. I think this challenge is too big for me. My players wish a Europe map but I don't know how to fulfill it. I want to keep my game size and network traffic small. One way to describe a picture with two colors is to look at one pixel line and only save the indices where a color starts and where it ends. And then repeat it with all lines. That would cost for the Europe map with a height of 1000 pixel maybe 6*10*1000 Bit = 60 000 bit = 7500 byte. Then I could add the terrain ("skin","surface") with my map generator algorithm. This approach is good. But there is one problem. Th
  5. Hello, I am thinking about to create a Europe map for my game. There are some restrictions: -I don't want to load the map over the internet because I want to keep the network traffic small -I don't want to increase my code significantly. The map should have the size of 1000x1000 pixels. This results in 1 million pixels overall. To save all pixels as black white values would result in 8 million bit. That would increase my game size too much! I am thinking about creating the map by an algorithm. But that seems to be difficult, right? So far I have an algorith
  6. Hello, I am the creator of Territorial.io. I am here to seek feedback from you about my game. It is a simple strategy game. You can play it in a browser or as downloadable android app. My plan is to acquire more users who will play my game at least 5 times per week. If you want you can tell me your first impression of my game and things that should/can/must be added. In the game you just have to conquer 50% of the territory to win. You can play it here: https://territorial.io/ Kind regards, The Creator
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