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  1. I think this challenge is too big for me. My players wish a Europe map but I don't know how to fulfill it. I want to keep my game size and network traffic small. One way to describe a picture with two colors is to look at one pixel line and only save the indices where a color starts and where it ends. And then repeat it with all lines. That would cost for the Europe map with a height of 1000 pixel maybe 6*10*1000 Bit = 60 000 bit = 7500 byte. Then I could add the terrain ("skin","surface") with my map generator algorithm. This approach is good. But there is one problem. The problem is that I can't smoothly draw the terrain between ocean and coast...
  2. Hello, I am thinking about to create a Europe map for my game. There are some restrictions: -I don't want to load the map over the internet because I want to keep the network traffic small -I don't want to increase my code significantly. The map should have the size of 1000x1000 pixels. This results in 1 million pixels overall. To save all pixels as black white values would result in 8 million bit. That would increase my game size too much! I am thinking about creating the map by an algorithm. But that seems to be difficult, right? So far I have an algorithm that creates my other maps dynamically. The input of this algorithm is just a pseudo random number. And now I am thinking about a very big number that creates the Europe map "by accident". Can anyone still follow me?
  3. Hello, I am the creator of I am here to seek feedback from you about my game. It is a simple strategy game. You can play it in a browser or as downloadable android app. My plan is to acquire more users who will play my game at least 5 times per week. If you want you can tell me your first impression of my game and things that should/can/must be added. In the game you just have to conquer 50% of the territory to win. You can play it here: Kind regards, The Creator