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  1. On 10/12 I requested that my game be removed from GD. That did not occur until 10/30. Out of the blue, on 12/4, I received an email from GD asking to explain what issue I had. But I had already explained the issue in great detail over the past several months. I provided the information once again. GD said they never zero out revenue (but they did). On 12/4 I was told that they would create an invoice to pay me the amount of revenue that disappeared. As of today, 12/12, I have not received any payment. I guess I'll never know how much additional revenue was accumulated and lost fro
  2. In the last year and a half I have created three html5 games using Construct 3. In August, 2019, I submitted my first game to Gamedistribution.com. On June 10, 2020 I had an accumulated ad revenue of 38.40 euros. The next day I noticed all of my revenue was gone. I immediately reported this problem to Gamedistribution.com’s support team. For weeks I received no reply. Finally on August 17 I received an acknowledgement of my problem and a promise to resolve it ASAP. To this day my ad revenue remains at ZERO, and I have not heard further from Gamedistribution.com. I have found another ga
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