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  1. We are very excited to announce the release of support for Basis Texture Compression in the PlayCanvas Editor! βœ… Low VRAM utilization βœ… Tiny file sizes βœ… Fast download times βœ… Fast encode/decode times Read more at: https://blog.playcanvas.com/basis-texture-compression-arrives-in-playcanvas/ Don’t forget to give us a like on the tweet too! πŸ‘
  2. PlayCanvas has announced the launch of Templates! Templates allow you to create preconfigured entities with all the values and child hierarchy as an asset reference. This is a huge workflow boost as managing and changing objects in a scene is now easier and faster to do. New instances of the Template can be placed in the scene with the Editor. These instances have a link to the Template asset, so any changes to the asset will change the instances in the scene too. Read more: https://blog.playcanvas.com/supercharge-your-workflow-with-template-assets/