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  1. Hi Ivan, wonder if you have had a chance to take a look at the example. The texture update works fine in other browsers other than Safari 14. I would love to hear your comment. Thanks. Kelsey
  2. Hi Ivan, Thank you for your help. I do really appreciate it. In the example here, I'm trying to update the canvas with a square of random pixels on every frame using context.putImageData() and texture.update(). In Safari 14, only the 1st frame update is registered and subsequent updates are not performed. Thanks! Kelsey
  3. Hi Ivan, I'm seeing the issue of canvas texture.update() call on Safari 14 in both iOS and Mac. The canvas size is not changed.
  4. Hi, is anyone seeing this problem in Safari 14 where a pixi sprite texture.update() call is not updating when the canvas the texture is sourced from has been updated? Thanks! Kelsey