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  1. Its nice to hear! Currently every bullet is separate entity but I'll definetely try other concepts, may be for special kinds of weapons like bullet streams/gatlings? I will give some more info later after tests and further development etc, but anyway once again I thank You very much for help and sharing
  2. Sadly I don't have demo yet (only local development), but I can say some more about the game. First of all this game is mainly for my learning purposes so I write my own code as much as I can. For example (ECS engine, physics, collision detections, etc) Some core concepts about the game are: 2D topdown multiplayer advanced machine sim with bullet hell like gameplay, i dont know for now if it will be 1v1 only or bigger teams like 2v2, 3v3 etc. Main thing is to have big amout of bullets, weapons etc to kill your opponent but I want it to play smooth (144fps+) on better pc's without inpu
  3. @b10bThanks a lot for your response! I must admit i asked many broad topic questions, also i did some research and started learning docker and kubernetes. As you said it will be more useful later than now but still I liked the concepts Back to your response, the only thing i don't quite understand is to "Consider not "ticking" the server game loop, investigate a functional reactive approach that can absorb any delta (time and inputs)" What I understand from it, Your advice is to have multiple game instances on one e.g. "World service", then the World could call update function in ever
  4. Hi everyone! I'm working on the fast paced multiplayer browser pvp game with following gamedev stack. Angular Website -> global place for the game, responsible for: user account state, game UI, user info etc. (REST and WebSocket connections) Client Game Engine -> based on ECS and PIXI rendering with custom gameloop, client-side- predition and all that stuff. (WebRTC Geckos.io connections.) Nest.js -> backend for angular website, chat, matchmaking, creating services with Server Game Engines when players are ready to play. (REST api and WebSocket connections) Authoritati
  5. Thanks a lot for speed of light fast answer! For performance with big numbers of tiles I want to use quadtree algo with addition to my ECS, and make sprites visible=false when they are not on the screen. But in that topic i will read some more information first!
  6. First of all, I'd like to say Hi for everyone as it is my first post here and also thank @ivan.popelyshev for great support on this forum! Back to the topic, I'm making an isometric game with build an island. I'm using my own ECS typescript engine and Pixi.js for renderering. Also for speeding up development i chose pixi-viewport as a camera and user interaction plugin. I read some info about isometric view but can't tell if one approach is better than the other for making it in pixi.js I observed the first one is the most popular, just scaling by half Y axis at the viewpo
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