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  1. Oh and I fully beat the game collected all the art pieces and one wouldn’t load in and it didn’t count it as getting them all.
  2. This is a really fun game! I wish there was a skip option on the tutorial or a save option/login option otherwise a really fun game!
  3. Fun game! Wish the free version was longer
  4. @scottthepotato I think I can find you a pixel artist but what specific things would you need created?
  5. @bbyford if you just use the teleport block every time it ends then attack at all other times you can’t be hurt
  6. Fun game but not enough Weak enemies At the beginning in between the moves and I found an immortality glitch
  7. I’m looking for game developers to help with a game. At minimum intermediate coding skills needed. I also need artists contact me for more information.
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