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  1. Thanks for info, it will be helpful ❤️
  2. Hey guys I've started gambling slot project in pixi.js + typescript, but I hit the wall and need some advice about multipacked spritesheets. I recieved pngs for animating wining lines on slot. Each image is 1920x1080, which means when I load all 75 images into single spritesheet it becomes around 16K width/height which is a NO NO if I understand correctly. Spritesheets shouldn't be more than 2K in order to load properly on mobile devices. So I tried to use TexturePacker's "multi pack" option. Now I recieved 37 pngs (every spritesheet is now 1920x2160 - two frames in each) and jsons for that one animation. My question is how can I pack everything and start animation? Currently i have one json file for all other assets, and those animations run fine, since their spritesheets aren't that large (those are reel symbols, and smaller animations) { "animatedA": "/assets/animations/a.json", "animatedChest": "/assets/animations/chest.json", "animatedCoins": "/assets/animations/coins.json", "animatedCrown": "/assets/animations/crown.json", "animatedGoblet": "/assets/animations/goblet.json", ...... } This is the code used for loading assets from json import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js'; import { toPairs as _toPairs, range as _range } from 'lodash'; import assetsJson from '../data/assets.json'; // rest of imports class Renderer { private loadingBar: PIXI.Graphics; private constructor() { .... } loadAssets = (): void => { _toPairs(assetsJson) .reduce((loader: PIXI.Loader, [name, path]: [string, string]) => { return PIXI.Loader.shared.add(name, path); }, .load(this.onAssetsLoaded) .onProgress.add((loader) => { this.loadingBar.position.x = window.innerWidth / 2 - this.loadingBar.width / 2; this.loadingBar.drawRect(0, 0, Math.ceil(loader.progress) * 3, 10); }); }; } Now, I wouldn't like to paste all 37 paths to assets.json like { ... "multiLineSpike_1": "/assets/animations/line-spike/line-spike-0.json", "multiLineSpike_2": "/assets/animations/line-spike/line-spike-1.json", "multiLineSpike_3": "/assets/animations/line-spike/line-spike-2.json", "multiLineSpike_4": "/assets/animations/line-spike/line-spike-3.json", ... } since those are only for one wining line animation, i will have 8 of them, which means it will take for ages. Is there any way i can loop trough files and add them in more elegant way?