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  1. Oh man, this is nice iStunt game clone! Keep working on that game.
  2. Thx. It was my goal. Now I'm working on new graphics style for the game. It will be a simple 3d. Simultaneously I try to work on the library, which I used to create the game, so stay tuned.
  3. Hi there! I think this is my firs showcase post so... I'd like to show you my game for Ludum Dare 32. This was my first competition completed successfully and... yay I'm so happy! It's more like prototype and needs to be polished but it's pretty fun to play and quite demanding. Notice: Best played on mobiles but webgl is required! LD32 Submission: Direct Link: Gameplay video: Have fun, and my record on mobile is 15900
  4. Hi. Demo looks nice. As for fps measuring I don't know your way of doing this but it's probably wrong.
  5. Hi. This Roboman playground looks very promising. I've downloaded whole editor because of this cool demo
  6. Hi Ivan:) I've known yours lib long enough to say that this is one of the best libraries for 2d drawing on the web. I do not know if it's a good idea to go in 3d, but I'm curious results.
  7. I think i found it before blog entry ( url in fav) and I thought "wtf". Now i know:). That's what I like in pixi - a clean and thoughtful coding style (mainly from AS, even though I do not like Flash) and minimalism. Keep going!
  8. It seems to be nice features! The only thing missing in engine are the primitives. I am looking forward for particle demo. I hope it will be soon!