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  1. I want to show you one more mini game built w/ JavaScript. Actually in the following playground I'm showing the game built step by step: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=mars_attack&list=games Please let me know if anyone is interested in this kind of approach. mars_attack.mp4
  2. I've implemented a clone of the classic Snake game in JavaScript. You can play the game at: https://codeguppy.com/run.html?snake_classic I also wrote a very short tutorial on how this game was created: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=snake_classic&list=games Feedback? snake_classic.mp4
  3. I want to show you a small library that implements a Windows Manager and a few Controls on top of HTML5 canvas. All elements are drawn on canvas (not using any other HTML element). The library is still in development but can be used to also develop windows style games (as in the image). For an early preview you can check: https://codeguppy.com/run.html?win/win (source code included) win_games1.mp4
  4. Hi all, Who else is using game development as a recreational coding activity? Sometimes developers with corporate jobs (writing enterprise software written in boring technologies) find an escape in game development. To keep things short I want to introduce you 2 tutorials from codeguppy.com - an environment based on p5.js and p5.play: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=_sprites_builtin&list=games https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=_sprites_custom&list=games ... and I'm also attaching a few game dev. tips that were posted on theTwitter ch
  5. This is the latest μ game that I wrote: TARZAN Source code: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=tarzan&list=games tarzan.mp4
  6. This is a clone of the classic "Snake" game. It is not complete... but it was intended only as a material for a tutorial. Have fun! Source code / explanations: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=snake_classic&list=games snake_classic_code.mp4
  7. Hi all, I want to show you a retro looking game made with JavaScript and only "type-in" sprites (all sprites are encoded inside the program source code) https://codeguppy.com/run.html?mars_attack/program If you are interested to see how this game was built, you can check this mini-tutorial that shows the game building process in 10 steps: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=mars_attack&list=games
  8. Hi all, I want to show you a µ-game (run and jump): https://codeguppy.com/run.html?desert_adventure/program The game - was built as a base for this tutorial: https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=desert_adventure&list=games
  9. Hi, You can check the source code of several small games on codeguppy.com They are built using p5.js and p5.play engines... and shows also how to handle user input.
  10. I recommend you to check the resources from codeguppy.com They are intended for people to learn JavaScript while building 2D video games. Check for instance the Quick Hints toolbar (recently introduced in the code editor) and also the various game projects on the site.
  11. Hello again, I implemented another mini game using p5.js / p5.play and in-code defined sprites (e.g. text format) on the codeguppy.com platform. The game is still basic, however I didn't construct the game to be a polished game, but instead teach various game building techniques. This is the game https://codeguppy.com/run.html?mars_attack/program And this is how it was made: Part 1 - Generating mountains from random lines https://codeguppy.com/code.html?mars_attack/mountains Part 2 - Adding a landing ramp at the end https://codeguppy.com/
  12. Hello all, I implemented a mini jump and run game using p5.js / p5.play on the codeguppy.com platform. The game is still basic, however I didn't construct the game to be a polished game, but instead teach various game building techniques. Game: https://codeguppy.com/run.html?desert_adventure/program These are the steps to construct the game. Part I: Platform and character https://codeguppy.com/code.html?desert_adventure/run0 Part II: Infinite scroll https://codeguppy.com/code.html?desert_adventure/run1 Part III: Adding a basic jump https://
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