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  1. I'm trying to save frames from an animation I've created with pixi, and I'm running into an issue. I'm trying to save the frames with the following code: app.renderer.extract.canvas(graphics).toDataURL("image/png") var a = document.createElement('a'); document.body.append(a); a.download = name; a.href = data; a.click(); a.remove(); "graphics" is a Graphics object that I'm using to define my animation. I initialized my app to be 1000x1000, so I was expecting the images I saved this way to also be 1000x1000. However, when I save them, their resolution isn't always 1000x1000. Usually the dimensions are somewhere between 1000 and 1004, and the two dimensions sometimes have different values. The dimensions don't even remain consistent over time as the animation progresses, sometimes they'll change from one frame to the next. What is causing this issue, and how can I fix it? Thanks!