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  1. Yes. You have it. Any scale applied to the item minus perspective (camera) scale. Thanks Ivan.
  2. If this can't be done because of perspective in the distance, POINT_X will also work, I'll just live with the fact the circles are different sizes and scale them manually (IE. if they further from the camera, I'll scale them a bit larger, so they are the same size as the object nearer the screen)
  3. Here I was finally able to put up a demo of the problem I am having. https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/ZsMfNFfmMn2gDwk-wlMXs You can change scale of the stage (it doesn't affect the POINT affine). The custom 123 above, you can see as well. What I need is a POINT affine that will scale (when stage is scaled, but have no perspective) as you can see 123 (POINT_X) in the distance is still smaller. I hope the demo clarified it. Thanks Charles.
  4. Thanks Ivan for the help. Will do a demo from now on.
  5. Here is the issue I"m facing, if this doesn't explain it properly I'll create a demo When the window is scaled really small, because of this. totalHolderContainer.proj.affine = PIXI.projection.AFFINE.POINT; I Get the above, when its larger, When scaled larger I get this So this would be perfect as long as scale is preserved somehow for the camera. I'm using PIXI.projection.AFFINE.AXIS_X at the moment and this looks like this: Which you can see if pretty decent, its just that the numbers in the distance are smaller now. So a mi
  6. Hi Jon Forum, I did try this and it worked, but now if I resize my canvas the container stays much larger than the rest, Is there a way to work around this?
  7. Hi I want to know if this is possible, I have a 3D camera on the canvas, and I have the following scenario. So, as you can see the cards have a value associated with them. Is there a way to remove the perspective of the Total Holder (5) from the Dealer (so its a perfect circle). Its added to a camera. The only other way is to add them to a Separate view that isn't on a a camera but that becomes a headache then moving the card containers around etc, as I would have to move to Separate containers. It would be best if they could all be under a root view but some items
  8. Ivan You are a life saver, the copyTo2dor3d works.
  9. Thanks for the help. No problems, I realized if I add the item at 0,0 position, it looks like an exact copy. But then as soon as I try to move it somewhere on screen, the camera projection gets added to it. So if there was a way to an object to the screen and stop it from applying the camera projections that would work. I also noticed there is no decompose method for Matrix3D/Matrix2D which isn't nice, because then I need to first copy it to a PIXI.Matrix before getting a transform.
  10. PIXI.Projection problem Hello, I am battling with PIXI.Projection I want to get the Transform of one object and use its world transform to add it to another container with the same dimesions. Basically I want to copy the exact object and pasting it on the other container should then match. So all is fine if I get the worldTransform of one object, and prepend the world transformation of the container, then creating an object by decomposing into a Transform. Stack 1 is the object i am copying from let cont = new PIXI.projection.Cont
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