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  1. Bump @ivan.popelyshevI dont really need a demo if you are too busy but if you know of a public codebase that uses this technique I would appreciate it!
  2. Do you have any examples you can point me to?
  3. Thanks Ivan! Just the person I was hoping to hear from. I'll look into everything you talked about but I would love to see a little demo some time. Thanks!
  4. Hi Pixi Devs, First post here. This issue has plagued me for days. My PIXI project requires Sprites to update their scale "on the fly". I need this to work with minimal quality loss. My goal is to get an effect like Scratch has obtained. At multiple different sizes, the texture quality remains perfect. I know Scratch uses SVGs for the perfect resolution but that has been a nightmare in PIXI. According to the Scratch Source Code, the SVGSkin class uses an array of 8 MIPS that can be hot swapped as the size is modified. How could I implement this in PIXI? Further, how does an array of 8 MIPs provide enough samples for the size range of 0 to ~400 Scratch allows? Thanks! Peter