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  1. Greetings Clark, I wanted to try the pixel scaler and maybe the arcade slopes from here: https://github.com/eugenioclrc/super-mean-boy/blob/master/js/Arcade.slopes.js So I'd have to copy the content of that .js file and reformat it into the phaser.d.ts if I wanted to use it, am I right?
  2. I'm still pretty new to Phaser/JS and TypeScript. I followed the Photonstorm tuts to get started with Phaser and TypeScript. And I have a few questions. First one is: How can I get the plugins: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-plugins to work in my TypeScript environment? Do I have to re-write the files? Or can I just add them in as a reference? How? Thanks in advance!
  3. You could maybe try *without* switching states. Clear only your unwanted data (like the level, groups etc.) and re create/ re position old sprites within the same state. Or you could pass through data when creating a new state like: goEndScreen() { this.game.state.states['EndGame'].count_deaths = this.count_deaths; //make the data match this.game.state.start('EndGame', true, false); //then load the state }//I guess you might be able to pass through sprites like this too?!I think a built-in persistent state data is a feature still in development. (Sub-States) T
  4. I have the same problem with the tilemaps not updating. And the devbranch doesn't fix that for me. I cleared the cache and all. (edit: I guess you didn't update the build folder so that's why there is no change to the .min.js?! ... silly me, how do I make a build to get a fresh phaser.min.js? With grunt?)
  5. Has anyone had any luck on getting this to work with typescript yet? I'm still fully loaded on my main project but would love to support this asap. I have TONS of isometric tiles and assets I once rendered in 3D for a project that was canceled and would like to put them to use one day.
  6. ComboTwin A tale about an abstract siamese twin...
  7. Thanks Red, silly me: this.line.length < this.content[THIS.index].length *maeh*
  8. Hi, I was looking at this example: http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_lite.html?d=text&f=kern+of+duty.js&t=kern%20of%20duty and have problems on working with the array in Typescript like this: module DZIntro { export class EndGame extends Phaser.State { index = 0; line = ''; font_sml: Phaser.RetroFont; content:Array<string> = [ " ", "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING", "a phaser production", " ", "Kern of Duty", " ", "directed by rich davey", "rendering by mat groves", " ", "03:45,
  9. A way to trick it would be to double size your pixel art... but I had better performance with smaller images but it may work. So WebGL has no nearest neighbor resampling?
  10. And you 'could' pre-render all your visual content too with a video editing software... Audio is an important part of interactive media... and dynamic audio is important for games. At least stereo proximity calculations... (edit) sorry, what I'm talking about are rather features to lower the traffic (since the audio still takes quite a lot). Stuff like the trackers (chiptune) but with more modern features. Like 16 slots for single wave files that you can then trigger, pitchbend and maybe add delays. (No idea what would be a good standard but I thought I'd throw the idea out there)... maybe
  11. Audio panning and filters, resonance, reverb etc. Or maybe some midi sequencer =D (just wild thoughts)
  12. You surprise me with each step sir! For the sake of further education, it may help if we open source and document our work to certain standards and share that in a digestible sorted way. As a phaser n00b coming from flixel, I must say that it is already pretty easy to get started the way things are. I've had a great pleasure getting things to work and found answers too everything up to date. So I see no need for even more efforts on the 'getting started' side, yet actual use cases/case studies that can grow with the framework sound like a great idea and I do see some demand for that! So, rat
  13. Sweet! Nice to hear that! Yeah - I'm still fooling around with the level endings, that's why it's empty. Yeah I made quite a few soundtracks and will be adding them with more levels and volume controls. And cutscenes are one of the things I'm working on right now. Story is attached to my main title ENYO Arcade - this is like a side episode. It's sort of: TankGirl's rage against machines. Thanks for the kind Words, I'm glad you like it!
  14. I'm only concerned about the performance... maybe its my coding but games just don't run at satisfying speeds on mobile browsers, yet? Or am I wrong? I mean technically there isn't too much going on in this games main loop. But I don't have proper mobile devices to test that, if they get a stable 60 fps or 30 I'd be glad and would not bother for a native version. I've already reduced my tilemap to 1 layer. But I have no idea on the whole status quo of js/browser performance and what to expect, that's what I started this for... to find out all that stuff. So I'll set up some mobile controls p
  15. The controls and stuff should go easy, I was just thinking about making it a native app?! Or isn't that desirable? Since for the controls I was thinking about a special little treat... I wanted the left side of the screen to make you jump and the other side make you shoot and every time the player direction changes, I switch the controls too =D
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