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  1. Hi I am trying to create a magnifying glass effect by leveraging the generate texture method of the renderer. I am generating a texture based on on the position of the mouse using the frame parameter. When combining with the pixi3d library the rotating cube it always stuck in the middle of the magnifying glass. The rest if the effect works as intended when there is no pixi3d elements on screen. The cube is a child of the overall scene and the lens effect is added outside of the main scene on a layer in front (using z index). updateSpriteTexture() { let reigon = new PIXI.Rectangle((thi
  2. Hello, I am a student making a personal portfolio website. I was wondering if anyone knows how the the header animation on the pixijs website was made, I want to add something similar to my website. I am referring to the one in the header with the clouds in front of the nebula and the alpha filter following the mouse. I have some experience using PIXI js, Ive made a few small games before. Thanks.
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