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    this game is a 2d multiplayer game related to soldat.io where u can play modes and level up the level is based upon your skill experience u will be playing as a guest until you register and sign in the link is right here https://www.modd.io/play/Li8GLxIAD
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    plz accept my work this game is going to be fun!!! basketball.io a 2d multiplayer game related to soldat.io but basketball controls are wads or arrows to fly u right click on mouse the player will be a guest until he/she sign in and register more updates come soon it is a pixy js all that is different is that it is not a shooting game it is a basketball io game. i do not have pictures of it yet but soon I will here's the game link https://basketball.io
  3. i think it will also look great if u add a knock out match so u can vs both alpha team and bravo team i think.
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