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  1. No JVM server implementations yet, would love to see this in netty. Languages like C, GO and Python have implementations for the drafts already. Some more information here I found useful I'm super excited for QUIC, streams especially for unordered data to replace websockets. Feels like I have to wait for a long time to see it in the JVM though.
  2. Found this, I'll check the implementation. Seems like complete cuts out before middleware is run, which otherwise would have queued the other resources. Maybe I should just manually set the atlas/png resources on the loader when a json file is in the cache.
  3. Hello, I'm using pixi 5 with pixi-spine trying to load resources from a cache implemented with indexeddb. All cached files are loaded into patch.files as either blob or text with matching xhrType. let loader = PIXI.Loader.shared.pre((res, next) => { // load files that has been loaded by the patcher. if (patch.files[res.url]) { res.xhr = patch.files[res.url].xhr; = patch.files[res.url].data; res.xhrType = this._xhrType(res.url); res.complete(); } else { // not loaded by patcher, load on demand using xhr. if (!res.url.startsWith(application.realm.resources)) { res.url = application.realm.resources + res.url; } } next(); }); // loader.add("resource.json"); // loader.begin(...); Haven't found any good documentation on using the pre function, my problem here is that I get a hit on the "resource.json" in the cache, but "resource.atlas" and "resource.png" is never requested. This means I cannot access either the .atlas or .png resource using PIXI.Loader.shared.resources using this method This works fine when "resource.json" is NOT in the cache and there are no problems loading plain images like "clouds.png". Please help me, been struggling for a few days 🙈