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  1. @jinzo7 Hi, I am in a similar position, creating a game with only pixi js, but want to make it into a native app. Had in mind to use cordova, as it seemed the only good option. what do you mean that it comes with many problems?
  2. @ivan.popelyshev Hi Ivan, I see in pixi that there is some default way of instancing attributes; this.attributes[id] = new Attribute(bufferIndex, size, normalized, type, stride, start, instance); // assuming that if there is instanced data then this will be drawn with instancing! this.instanced = this.instanced || instance; Could you maybe tell me how you can instance in pixi? Thank you
  3. You really pointed me in the right direction I think, you are very helpfull. Thank you very much! Its still above my level, skinning and instancing are new to me. But I like to learn, so I will do research, read the code and try to figure something out. Just to get your point, for the characters and the tree should I then start with a mesh, put all the textures in it as geometries and and do all the movement within the shader?
  4. Hi all While working on my game I encountered some obstacles, of which I'm not sure how to solve them. 1: For my game I have created an animated tree with a particle container for leaves and a normal container for a tree trunk SimpleRope. The tree has some moving animation, as shaking and being chopped, and a simultaneous parallel copy of the tree containing normal map images. However, I cant just recreate the tree as it requires some performance. RenderTexture was a great solution to just create one tree and render it multiple times as texture, but obviously this way the animatio
  5. @ivan.popelyshev Thank you so much for your help, I have looked a bit into rendertexture and its great. I could use it for lots of things, Thank you! For shadows im progressing. I have experimented with some different things, and I have come to the conclusion that I want to make a mesh for my map layer, a mesh with 3 different textures. I will let know how it goes!
  6. Hi Ivan, Thank you for your advice! Your presence on the forums has been a great help to me, thank you very much for all your work. PIXI shadows definitely looks interesting, but my knowledge on renderTexture and Layering is a bit short. I dont really understand renderTexture. When would you use it? And what is the benefit of it? Is it something like .generateTexture()? to ease the performance load? And in regard to layering, I currently just have nested containers, with one container that includes and sorts my map objects. How is layering with PIXI Layers better?
  7. Hi everyone, I have recently been learning to code and currently am creating a 2d game using PIXI v5. I want to implement some interactive shadows, based on different light points on the map(lights) or "above" the map(sunlight). I still have a lot to learn about Webgl and the insides of PIXI, and I got some questions about some different approaches. I noticed that there is a plugin, PIXI lights, but unfortunately it does not work with PIXI v5. On different forums and tutorials I encountered some shader ideas that create a shadow of particular objects. This works perfe
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