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  1. @Buizerd its fun game! can you please share information on how you build it ? what frontend you are using and what backend ? how many servers ? Thanks
  2. hello all Abit wired question but is there any tool that given HTML with included javascript can Flaten all the page to 1 big HTML and javascript file ? Thanks
  3. I wander what is the game engine that have the most famous/Successful games that are published in the HTML5 portals or steam or whatever someone did such stat?
  4. Hello all today my son show me krunkerio , and first time i really got hooked ! you can play one against each other mod's and many other great things its 3d . Can someone please tell me how did they build it ? is it node js on the server or custom tech ? what does it using for client ?
  5. Thanks allot for the help , as for the reason im asking is that im looking to build super simple HTML5 engine And was wandering about AS as simple Familiar game API which i can model according to .
  6. is haxe is pure html5 engine or it generate HTML5 output , im looking for native html5 ...
  7. Hello all Question as i dont know allot about the html5 engine today , is there any html5 engine which have the identical API AS Actionscript API? So that Action Script programmer fill at home ? Thanks!
  8. Hey , Can you please update us what is new ? did you changed your tech stack ? How the game is going on ?
  9. umen


    looks great on moderen browser But , testing it on firefox 35.01 on ubuntu . the game is just blank . please test it can you please tell more what was your process developing the game for the mobile ? im not looking into pixi.js as cross platform engine for cross device development . thanks
  10. Hello all After my previous tutorial on how to develop ZigZag Game using Cocos2d-x cpp! I created another tutorial this time same game but using cocos2d-x JavaScript API . There i list why should developer consider to use the JavaScript API and what benefits he/she can to earn. I used Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE for the Javascript dev and i must say it is very good tool. Here is the tutorial : http://www.gamedevcraft.com/ Happy JavaScript Game development !
  11. Hello all This tutorial i wanted to publish for along time now . As i see that the indie IO games are building their servers in C++ . It is intro to writing MMO games but not with the usual Node.js and and similar. But this time i'm showing you how to assemble WebSocket server using libuv (node.js C networking lib) for the server networking and libwebsocktes for the web-sockets layer. All server side is in simple pure C And for client side im using Cocos2d-x the HTML5 version . http://www.gamedevcraft.com/2016/08/part-1-multiplayer-websocket-game.html Enjoy ! P.S im planing t
  12. Amazing thanks! how does it not shown first when i search with Google
  13. Hello all i can see all over the web on how great is pixi.js but i have hard time to find beginners tutorials on how make build simple game with pixi.js what do i miss ? can someone point me to good pixi game tutorials ? Thanks
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