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  1. I am no expert but this is what I do: - on MelonJS, there is some auto-scaling feature when the canvas is created. - on cocos2d-html5, there is no embedded function so I get the available screen space and resize the canvas myself. What I would just like to know is if there is a framework which just does the magic by itself. Thanks
  2. Fellow HTML5 game makers, I have been struggling with making my games fit on the most common phones but there is always one device on which the scaling looks bad, or for which I need to wrestle with CSS or some browser resizing or loading events. Until now, I have used cocos2d-html5 and melonJS but auto-scaling is not available or very meh. As many of you do, I wish to focus more on the game making part and less on the "Will it scale well on X device?" question. Do you have any recommendation for frameworks/engines that make games scale well on most phones and tablets, just through some
  3. We have games available for licensing; you can check them out here: http://nine-software.com/portfolio/game.html You can also contact me by private message.
  4. There is a video poker game too. Enjoy here: http://nine-software.com/games/poker/
  5. Our latest creation in cocos2d-html5: a blackjack game! The game was made in 2 days and art was created by http://candyrobot.deviantart.com/ Jump here to play on your computer or any handheld device: http://nine-software.com/games/blackjack/ One cute screenshot for the road: Comments are welcome, let me know if it plays well! Francois
  6. Very nice work, just saw it on MarketJS
  7. @sandy234: Additional exposure for a game is never a bad thing, especially since it takes 15 minutes tops to submit a game on fgl. Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll try to come up with a mechanic for the "eating babies" part.
  8. A simple touch game in which you guide a crocodile towards tasty treats! Careful, baby crocodiles can get in the way! Try it here: http://nine-software.com/game/gator-snack It was made in cocos2d-html5 within 2 days, the cute art was once again created by http://candyrobot.deviantart.com/ Gator Snack is displayed full screen on desktop and mobile devices; a native version will also be released in the coming weeks. Publishers: This game as well as our full portfolio is available for licensing! Contact me for more info. A (very) explanatory screenshot: Comments and sugg
  9. Thanks for the great feedback! Time to investigate those sound issues and make the active insect more obvious.
  10. A puzzle game inspired by the smartphone hit "Touch the Numbers"! Try it here: http://nine-software.com/game/touch-the-insects/ In this version, you race against the clock trying to catch 10 animated bugs, flowers and leaves among the possible 25. A private leaderboard is also included for extra motivation The game was made in cocos2d-html5 and art was created by http://candyrobot.deviantart.com/ It plays smoothly on desktops, smartphones and tablets. An iOS native version will soon be available. Some screenshots: Comments are welcome! Francois
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