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  1. sounds like you have a niche game that you want to playtest quite a bit before a wide release? Initially you might want to consider self-hosting and sharing with user groups (eg. on reddit/facebook/game forums) that have a specific interest in this type of game. That way you can start to generate interest and gain feedback from your target audience with little cost. It also sounds like a game that is suited more to longer term play sessions for desktop rather than the preference of most html5 game distributers for mobile friendly short and simple casual/arcade games (ideally with less
  2. You might need to store the 'sound ID' in addition to the howler object when you play a specific sound so you can stop it later eg. var soundID = sound.play() sound.stop(soundID)
  3. well you spoiled that surprise - I was building up to the big reveal! 😉 @tallops please remove my game from your site immediately and any others you do not have explicit rights to resell
  4. Could you let me know who made this one? https://www.buyhtml5games.net/product/zombie-getaway/
  5. I'm not sure why your site is defaulting to desktop only but let's assume it's just my device and therefore not a real-world problem! For control - yes I think I'd def prefer a more graduated level of control or tap to steer, but do what works for you!
  6. Oddly it looks like the game is assuming I'm on desktop (displays keyboard controls etc.) so did not have any touch controls. I had to manually select 'request mobile website' within safari to get the mobile controls. Is this something you can determine with the html? Now I've got it working I do have bit of feedback - I found the steering overly reactive/sensitive ie. I try to edge a little to the left or right but it moves far more than I intend meaning that accurate steering + avoiding other riders was very challenging!
  7. looks great but I'm unable to steer on iPad (6th Gen iOS 13.4.1, Safari) maybe also add tap left/right of screen to steer as a default for mobile if the tilt detection is not getting any feedback?
  8. Hey Chelsea, I've signed up to register interest here: https://build.amazonalexadev.com/AlexaWebAPIforGames1.html Are there any use-case examples, demos or documentation to have a look at in the meantime?
  9. To be honest it has never crossed my mind to consider this an issue, as long as a game is not being licensed with any degree of exclusivity (whether it be time/client/platform limited) then you are free to try and make money from it any way you can. Portals acquiring non-exclusive games will assume and probably expect the content to be spread as far and wide as the developer can achieve and are mostly just looking to increase site content in the cheapest way possible. If the games you are talking about are a few years old then even less reason to be morally concerned as their windo
  10. I'm confused as to why this is an issue if the games were licensed non-exclusively?
  11. Complaining about a bunch of IP infringing 'Mario' games being removed from a distribution network? Ballsy move bringing attention to that!
  12. an update on this - apparently it was a bug in the payment settings section for some users and has now been fixed
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