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  1. So I created a tile map via tiled very simple, just some boxes... Then I loaded it up the usual way... then I did setCollisionRange so things wouldn't be able to go through the tiles... So far, so good. Then created two sprite objects and when they individually touch the tiles they are unable to go through the tile which is exactly what I want! But if I have those two sprites move each other they can then push through the tile. Which I find very odd. It's as if when two sprites are touching then collision on the tilemap is just being ignored and let's them go through. In the update all I am doing is checking for collision between the two sprites and just incrementing each sprites velocity every time keys are pressed. and my tile map is set to just collide with everything. Maybe I am just doing something silly... Any ideas?
  2. I agree with rolnaaba, more focus directly on the rendering engine related features. All the other stuff is awesome though :-D But id say the number one thing I would absolutely love would be creating a Pixi plugin for Phaser! So instead of using Canvas Phaser would just use Pixi for all the rendering. A lot of the extra features you are naming Phaser does or will most likely do. Either way though, LOVE what your doing and keep up all the awesome work!
  3. I know the Lost Decade guys often talk about how they make money on their games. They are wrapping their game with and just selling it on just about every platform available that will accept it. There is also which has web gl support. Make note that when doing standalone stuff you tend to have to do all the marketing and what not yourself... The places they are selling it is directly from their site, Chrome Store, I believe they were trying to get on Steam Greenlight as well. I am sure Desura could be another option... Uhhh, there are a ton of places to sell your game now :-)
  4. That would have to be Misadventure It's a really disturbing game, very weird and strange... Excellent stuff.
  5. Okay so I guess I should have done this to begin with... I just went and looked for a typescript example of how it extends stuff not that complicated. Curious though... Are you seeing more people use Phaser with Typescript or javascript?
  6. Hey everyone, I have been searching and searching and still can't find a good solution to this... The best answer I have come across is to just add to the prototype of an existing object the functionality I need. Then if I wanted to override something just wrap another function call around the function I want to override and just call the function then do what I need to do after it. Are there any cleaner ways to go about doing this sort without having to copy large chunks of code over and over again? Maybe perhaps Phaser already has something built in to make this easier? Another example of what I am trying or want to do would be like how in Flixel you'd have those certain functions you'd always override in a object after you'd extend it and add functionality to everything that could be re-used over and over again. If using the prototype is the only way that's cool... Just wondering.
  7. Is there anything in particular you would like? I am kinda going through those test examples to help learn how everything works, but once I get used to stuff id happily try and get some in there. So like every time run into a particular problem/solution maybe post example of it?
  8. No reason to apologize buddy, we are all in this together, doing documentation isn't an easy task. So much of it you have to include in a certain way. Just trying to do my part and help make it even more awesome then it already is! :-)
  9. Cool! Sublime may just take the place of Text Wrangler for all my quick scripting needs. Also hear you 100% on all the benefits of using Typescript vs javascript, but I also do a bunch of general web dev stuff and I want to make sure I fully understand how js works before jumping in and using something that generates it for me. Especially if I want to start building libs for others to use. But yeah, I don't want to go to far off topic :-P Sorry. Another tool I have heard people liking for js dev is
  10. Good news! I got the jsdoc working with the phaser.js file :-) Here is a link to the altered file and the docs it generates (it's 096, you can run a diff on it to see changes). It didn't turn out exactly as helpful as I thought, haha... But still something I guess. Since the changes were pretty few and not that much I may go through when I have some time and change the typescript files. The biggest issues I found was these 1. documenting arrays like this {string[]|number[]} it doesn't like, just do {Array<string>|Array<number>} 2. documenting a variable with the @type doesn't like having description after stating the type. So "@type {number}" is the right way and doing it "@type {number} this is what it does" Makes jsdoc go nuts. Although seems that could just be a bug in jsdoc, fix is just move the description to the top. 3. Just a few empty doc blocks and broken doc tags :-) Here is the link I used to know what jsdoc looks for Hope that helps :-)
  11. Ah, cool, I do keep hearing good things about it... But I do a bunch of work in java, C++ and PHP so NetBeans supports all that pretty well. Also id rather stay away from using TypeScript as I am still trying to really get familiar and good with javascript :-) Anyone use Sublime, textmate or that brackets thingy?
  12. Awesome! Will do :-D I'll make note of the changes and post if I can get the phaser.js file to build with it. It may end up being a lot of work but I desperately need some docs, sadly my IDE can't auto-complete the deeply nested (in all of the function(), and all on the anonymous function calls) docs so id much rather have some sort of live docs working so I can look at that.
  13. Wow... Seems to be a lot of windows people here :-P Already starting to feel out of place, haha. I am on a Mac and my tool of choice for this sort is NetBeans. It's free, multi-platform and the latest build has lovely support for HTML5/js stuff. Not to mention it has great support for java, php, C++, and more :-) Great plugin community as well.
  14. So I tried running jsdoc on phaser.js file for 096 and it kept puking because some of the way things were documented were not correct. So I started going in and refactoring the docs and it slowly began to work... My question is how should I go about doing this? I am not familiar with typescript and just been using javascript, I am assuming all the typescript files are documented and then you use grunt to build it all and generate the phaser.js file? If I were to start refactoring the docs is that where I would start?