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  1. I am currently trying to implement a system where placeholder images can be displayed while the actual images are being loaded. I would like to ask for some examples that have already done this using PIXIjs. Structure I came up with: export class ImageDefinition { placeholder: PIXI.Texture resource: PIXI.LoaderResource callbacks: ((texture: PIXI.Texture) => void)[] = [] loaded: boolean = false GetTexture(callback: (texture: PIXI.Texture) => void): void { if(!this.resource.isComplete) { callback(this.placeholder) return } this.callbacks.push(callback) } // This function is called by the asset loader LoadCompleted() { // Run all callbacks here } } How this would be used: probabilityTexture.GetTexture((texture) => { // this code will be run twice, for placeholder and later for real image }); What do you think about the system above?