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  1. @totor Yes I have tested on firefox, sfari and chrome. What do you mean by many tabs with a glcontext?
  2. @totor I don't think I'm creating any webgl context. I just add and remove scene from the Phaser game. I don't destroy even Phaser game. So there must be something else.
  3. Hi! I'm working on a project where I have a Map scene. I remove and add this scene to the phaser game a lot because I have to populate map depending upon the data I provide to this scene. After updating the map many times, it just vanishes and doesn't render and it happens randomly. I'm creating some images and texts in the map scene that change depending upon the data I pass in Init function of the scene.'map'); let map = new Map();'map',map,isLoaderComplete,mapData); I'm also attaching a screen shot. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!