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  1. I am dabbling in WebRTC and live streaming. Would PixiJS have a place in live streaming? Maybe for bottom thirds? Or creating video filters? I'm just wondering it would make sense to use it? Thanks, Ray
  2. I am wondering if using PIXI to overlay graphics and/or text onto a WebRTC live streaming video is possible? For instance, overlay a WebRTC live stream with the broadcaster's name? I know this can be done with CSS, but I'd like to play around with Pixi. I can see other possibilities using Pixi and WebRTC. Thanks, Ray
  3. Textures -> Texture Rotate Plugin Filters --> Outline
  4. Note that a lot of the examples at https://pixijs.io/examples are not working.
  5. Thanks Ivan. Very good to know. Ray
  6. I'm wondering if the development of Pixi.js is still going on? I'd like to try it in a program I'm working on but just want to be sure support will be available.
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