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  1. Hey, for native Android browser, try using the legacy audio system. I use Compressed format (Streamed) for background music and Compressed (un-compress on load) for sound effects.
  2. Thank you for your help, was a mistake on my part, as I was using wrong format.
  3. Yes, neither works for the native browser, but thanks for your suggestion.
  4. Hello everyone, I am having issues with GM: Studio and sound on Android devices. Many sponsors have rejected our games because of the sound issues (especially on native browser) and I was wondering how the other developers that are using GM: Studio addressed this issue?
  5. We do not use C2 but it seems nice. Game Maker has helped us A TON with what we are doing and we will stick with it!
  6. I am also looking forward for OUYA but maybe buy a PS4, it's a shame I did not buy the PS3 though
  7. old


    Game Maker is really nice for people who just started, buying some books with it will really help you, it can create really advanced stuff but it surely works for basic games aswell.
  8. Facebook may seem simple but it really works, I started using it and I got some nice results, if you manage to get some followers.