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  1. hello, Good day to you. I can assist you for your requirement. I have just sent you details via email, Kindly check. Please share your feedback and let us know how we can proceed. Many thanks, Nicole
  2. hello, Good day to you I'd be glad to help you for your request. I have sent you a personal message. Also , You may reach me at n i c o l e ( a t ) c i s i n l a b s ( d o t ) c o m. Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to our next conversation soon. Have a good day! With best regards, Nicole S.
  3. Hello there, I hope you are doing great! I’d love to connect about your specific needs. Kindly reach me at nicole [at] cisinlabs [dot] com You can also add me over skype live:nicole_15269 Sincerely, Nicole
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