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  1. I'll try to update new Pixi v6 in our games. thanks 4ian :)))
  2. okay, I'll waiting for your good news. I am willing to be a new AbstractBatchRenderer version tester.
  3. PIXI.settings.CAN_UPLOAD_SAME_BUFFER is "false" and if i change to true. The FPS is the same.(low)
  4. hmm... i update the version to v5.3.7. Seems like problem not solved. @Mat Groves Could you tell me some advise?
  5. Our pixi's version is 5.2.1 I tried to decrease the object in the scene and i found that the FPS is better (45~60) but as soon as the game start. the object was created by some system. the FPS in IOS14 gets lower. (10~20) I would like to ask if there is any place to modify the rendering method and I'll try to update pixi from 5.2.1 to 6. Thanks ivan.
  6. Our game is running on HTML5. but as player update their IPhone to IOS14. Our FPS is down to 10. but not happened in IOS13. I found that some gam engine has fix this problem after IOS14 release. such as cocos creator and egret. Is there any suggestion or solution?
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