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  1. Hi Ivan! It's working! I guess I can't be proud of what I did, but it does the job 😄 I am applying a "monkey patch". I am overwriting the static add, use und fromLoader methods in Texture and TextureLoader with the code extracted from the pull request. Not beautiful, but hey .... waiting for the final release. If anybody needs this in 5.3.3, let me know. Best regards Jonas
  2. I installed 6.0.0-rc2 via NPM - but it broke everything ... beneath typing problems I got really strange errors, that its missing a lot of semicolons and stuff. Weird. Texture.from isn't really working for me, as I am loading a bunch of images and I need to do it async. Is there a way to provide the resourceOptions by adding them somehow in the "pre" middleware function? I tried to write it in the metadata, but without any effect.
  3. Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much! I didn't know, that I should search Github for questions. I exspected more bugs etc. I will try the dev version - hope it doesn't break my typings.
  4. Hi! I am loading SVG images in my application. The SVGs don't have a width and height defined in the file, but the viewbox. Loading them basically works with Pixi.js. But my problem is, that those SVG images are rasterized to an image default of 150x150px - in Chrome. In Safari on MacOS they are rasterized MUCH bigger. Is there any option, to tell the Texture Loader to use a given size? This would prevent above behaviour AND give the user the option, to define the size before rasterizing the image. I wouldn't want to set width and height in the SVG files. I looked a lot in BaseTexture and tried loader plugins (e.g. pre), but couldn't find any options to leverage. Any ideas appreciated, on how to tell the Loader which size the SVG should be rasterized Kind regards John