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  1. Got past all that. Now there are no errors but the ship does not show up in the section that declares "Yay, the ship is on the bottom of the screen!". In play.js, game.PlayScreen object is me.Stage in the boilerplate and me.ScreenObject in the tutorial. Is the tutorial written for an old version of the API?
  2. I found some bugs in your space invaders tutorial Somehow I found this page before I found the github one: https://melonjs.org/en/home/spaceinvaders It doesn't contain the link to the tutorial image assets on the third line of the Introduction section which the github page does The index.html file tries to access build/js/resources.js which doesn't exist. I assume its supposed to be js/resources.js. And the tutorial states js/resources.js should be in the boilerplate but you have to actually create it through the tutorial. Also, I'm getting a 404 trying to load icons/touch-i
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