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  1. Yes, any did the trick I opened an issue for that. Thanks again.
  2. I'm trying to draw borders around objects, currently sprites for best performance. Nothing too fancy, just some rectangular one colored sprites. Currently I'm trying to have two extra containers with unfilled rects, the size of the sprites for the borders (two containers, because there's borders that have priority over the regular borders, in case they overlap), which works fine until I start to zoom, then borders naturally get thicker, the further I zoom in. I already found this thread, which seems to be the solution for my problem: But I can't access the myGraphicsObject.geometry.
  3. Hi again, I now tried putting everything in a scene object, but that didn't help as well. I extracted a minimalized version that still can reproduce the bug. Runs perfectly fine in Firefox, but loses the context in Chrome after changing the data several times. DiagramContainer.tsx StageDebug.tsx useStageDebug.ts
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. The adding only takes place, when the data changes, not on every tick. And we remove & destroy all the old objects before adding new ones. Textures are not yet used, except the default PIXI.Texture.WHITE using tint() for different colors. Here's a code snippet of what we do before adding new objects: // remove ticker function PIXI.Ticker.shared.remove(update); // remove children from container (not sure if necessary at all // or already covered by removing children from stage) for (let i = container.children.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { const
  5. Hi, We're fairly new to pixi.js and so far everything worked great, but we've now run into our first problem we couldn't figure out browsing the forum and the web. We are currently creating a diagram consisting of lots of elements (about 12.000 elements, could get even more later on). That's going fine so far, but we now added an option for the user to filter the elements on display. So, every time the user changes the filter options, we remove all elements and add the new amount of filtered elements. That still works fine for a couple of times, but after about 9 changes Chrome loses
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