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  1. Sorryt i don't have write all my script I have an array with all my sprite and i have a function when i do a right click on sprite it apply a rotation and when i wan't to apply my rotation it's work but my collision is not correct for (var j = 0; j < cont.length; j++) { var c2 = cont[j]; b.contain(c2, {x: 0, y: 0, width: 2400, height: 1800}, true); if(selectCont!=c2){ if(activeCollision == true){ let collision = b.hit(selectCont,c2,endCollision,false,true); }
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my pixiJS App, i have many sprites that I can move in my scene and my goal and create a plan with collisions between sprites, for that I use the bump plugin and the rectangleCollision fuuntion :https://github.com/kittykatattack/bump/ let collision = b.rectangleCollision(selectCont,c2,true,false,true); It's works (the middle case on the pic)if my sprite have no rotation but if i want to apply a rotation on my sprite the collisions doesen't work (left and right case in the pic). I thnik it's a problem with sprite bounds but i have no i
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