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  1. I solved it!! For anyone, running into the same problem: You need to add the module to the types field in your tsconfig.json file: In VSCode, i also get the type information now. Since im new to typescript and web-dev, maybe someone could tell me if this approach is correct? Also, maybe someone can explain what's happening in the background. Thanks anyways -srcnuzn
  2. Hello! I want to try out some additional filters, e. g. the bloom filter. I followed the instructions on npm - @pixi/filter-bloom. But when i add the import statement into my main.ts, i get the following error: "Cannot find module '@pixi/filter-bloom'. Did you mean to set the 'moduleResolution' option to 'node', or to add aliases to the 'paths' option?" This is a snippet from my main.ts: The module appears under my node_modules directory and comes with a types.d.ts: The module is listed in my package.json file:
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