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  1. Think I've figured out assigning different materials to different objects. But the materials are not looking as realistic as I would like them, the bump and roughness maps dont seem to be working properly. I will continue to research, any advice again is greatly appreciated. Tom
  2. Hi, Ive just started looking into Babylon to upload 3d models onto the web. At the moment my exported model from 3ds max 2020 has no textures when drag and dropped into Babylon sandbox, and then when I add an albedo map and tile UVs it assigns the material to all objects. Id like to find out a way to use my vray materials created in 3ds max automatically upload to mesh in sandbox? and if not is there a way to assign different textures to different meshes in sandbox? I also notice there's a separate application called playground, where you use code to upload the meshes, I dont u
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