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  1. Sorry for slowness in reply, a long weekend away from computers. This site is unique in triggering the warning pop up, although being at work I only tend to go to a limited number sites. Many include ads but probably mostly of the goggle nature. As I said not a big deal for me but thought you might want to know.
  2. I have no problem with ads but they are not displayed on my work computer. We have Trend Micro at work and it notices and then blocks the carbon ad URL. The trouble is it also pops up a message box with a warning saying this URL (carbon ad one) is considered dangerous. This happens on every page Ioad and could get quite annoying. I don't find it a big deal as I probably browse this site more at home but thought I would mention it. I doubt there is much you can do your side of things and is probably an understandable safety first policy at my work.
  3. If you can take the generated code and work with it, then you have little to lose. You main gain/lose some contributors. Once Typescript hits version 1.0 or whatever it needs to hit to get stable then you can start to gradually use it again, assuming the benefits are there for you/the project.
  4. Nice little game. It would be nice when I completed a level (or failed one) it showed me the path I took. Just to see how close I got to the mines.
  5. PaulR


    I quite enjoyed it and also did not find the noise feature that useful and understand why now you have explained about the development. It would be good to have some levels that needed you to use it. I also felt like I wanted to be able to throw a "stone" to make a noise else where. Sort of like all those old movies
  6. Thanks and I had not thought of using a container to hold all the objects for each screen (scene), I kind of like that solution. I will try out that idea tonight. Thanks again..
  7. Hi, I am currently attempting to learn to use Pixi.js and in my learning demo have set up a number of screens (Title, LevelSelect and InGame) and they all share a single Stage. I have been trying to find an easy way to remove all the Sprites from the stage when I swap between screens. I have ended up with thiswhile(this.stage.children.length > 0){ var child = this.stage.getChildAt(0); this.stage.removeChild(child);}inside my changeScreen method. Have I missed a remove all children method or is it that I am miss using Pixi.js. Is it usual to share a single stage between screens or do people manage multiple stages, one for each screen? ThanksPaul
  8. It is true it sure would be nice to be able to use a simple wrapper to get games on to the market places rather than needing something specialized. From that point of view, as you mentioned, Ludei is sort of betting that does not happen anytime soon.
  9. Probably they are thinking about how people discover and get games. Many people have been trained to go to the android/ios stores to get their gaming fix and that will take a long time to change. So having an easy route to getting your game on these is something people will pay for (their tech is only free for a limited time). Also look at how steam has gained prominence over just going online and downloading that indie game.
  10. I have yet to try phaser but it certainly looks like a battle hardened and fairly impressive library.
  11. PaulR

    Dungeon Delve

    I kind of enjoyed it even though it is pretty basic. I played through to floor 17 but was starting to get annoyed having to click the mouse so much. It would be nice if there was more of a maze to solve rather than it always being an open room, this could randomly generated?
  12. PaulR

    For loop.

    Not having used pixi.js I would take a heavy focus to speed to mean they have spent a reasonable amount of time profiling an optimizing their code. I imagine they would respond to any bottleneck you can identity in their code. I started to learn JavaScript and later CoffeeScript after a long time doing fairly optimized C/C++ code. It takes a slightly different mindset but learning it really hammered home the only optimize when you need to and write the simplest code possible, so it is easy to change later. Since then I have found it quite fun to code for browsers.