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  1. Hi ooflorent, I'll be trying out your new version this week. It looks VERY promising. The api looks clean and I like your coding style. I'll report back once I got my hands on this. Thank you so much for this!
  2. Okay, you guys are great. I have the feeling you're really listening to your community. Me and my devbuddy are especially looking forward to primitive drawing, custom render items and Spine support. Good job guys!
  3. You could catch the click on the container element where all the tiles are added to, which imo is valid use of the PIXI.js feature. As floatdrop already pointed out, you can also reposition this container for scrolling the tiles. Too make it short: you don't want to add a click to the tiles one by one, neither do you want to reposition the tiles one by one. Use a container.
  4. @Eselia In fact I would prefer a clean implementation for this as well. Because I know mine won't be that clean, looking at the code that's already out there it actually looks quiet complex. Not really my cup of tea. @blackmoondev Good to know. Great to see html5 gamedevelopers adapting the software. I hope to see it's community grow. Edit: They'll be adding official Spine support to PIXI! Great news!
  5. When someone clicks, you can also get the tile he was clicking on by dividing the mouse x & y coordinates with the tilesize. Example: If a user clicks on the screen at these coordinates: 254 x 897 We can then get the tile by doing something like this: var tilesize = 20;var x = Math.floor( 254 / tilesize );var y = Math.floor( 897 / tilesize );var clicked_tile = map[ x ][ y ]; I hope this helps! Good luck!
  6. Hi all, I'm working on a game using PIXI.js. I want the best possible quality for my game and came to the conclusion that using frame by frame sprite animations for my characters is not satisfying me. It would also take too much time to design each frame and not enough flexibility (characters wearing dynamic visible items etc...). The solution for my problem was brought by "Spine's 2d skeletal animations for games". ( It's perfect and easy to use. This is what I need for my game. The software exports in JSON, which is great. Spine runtimes already shows some examples with some of the other Javascript libraries out there. ( Now I was wondering if anyone is already working on Spine support for PIXI? If not, I might give it a try. Best, Rein
  7. ReinVO

    Flip a sprite?

    Oops, I tried sprite.scale = -1; Stupid me. Thanks a lot!
  8. ReinVO

    Flip a sprite?

    Dear PIXI people, First of all: I love PIXI! It's a very promising library. I'm creating a new game with it and will share the work with you when it's done. Because of the young age of this library I notice a lack of features, tho. For instance basic geometry drawing is really needed and helps alot while developing. Anyway, at this moment I'm looking to flip a sprite. Is this possible? If so, how? Again: thanks for this already amazing library! Best, Rein