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  1. hi! i am new to construct 2, can you guide me in developing my game using construct2?

  2. i think the cross promo thing that FRVR did might be useful if you want drive more traffic to the appstore. i mean the appstore is a messy place and the only visibility you get is if you drive enough traffic there yourself or paying loads and loads on advertising to get your users and this is only valuable if you're one of the big players. but like i read you only convert users that are recurrent which makes sense. so you can see beforehand if it makes sense or not if you use any kind of analytics @dimanux you said you tried some ad networks which havent been to useful in the past. do you
  3. I dont know of any. People reported that MarketJS is only promoting their own games, am i right? As for CodeCanyon, i think its a great place to offer scripts or simple templates but not for complete well made games, but personal opinion here. You could also get in touch with a member that has contacts and doing well, offer him a reasonable share and outsource the business stuff. I havent made any html5 related business for a while so please take my advice with caution.
  4. I just want to throw in Discord as it allows to create a server for free and fits most needs. Personally i use it quite alot as text chat and also as alternativ solution to Skype/TS3. It works well and im pretty happy so far. The down thing is that you cant host your server yourself which makes it third party dependent, but in return you dont have to pay for and can customize your servers to fit your needs. Another plus is that it runs on Win, Mac, Linux, Android, IOs and got a Browser solution too.
  5. working game link He just bound the wrong URL into. lovely graphics and cool serious game concept. missing some UI elements but overall great job!
  6. exactly that. just have one single conversation without being rude, offended or harassing people. take your own advice.
  7. polishing is all about how your game feels. so just think about how you can add value to your game after all core mechanics got finished. like think of a nice game scene where you walk through a forest and you dont hear any birds nor leafs that rustle in the wind, pretty lame so add it to polish it up! also art can be polished to look better or more eye friendly. here are some sources that might help you improve how your game feels. hope you can learn a thing or two. Game Feel: Why Your Death Animation Sucks Indie Gamedev Tip - Add Some Polish Value Contrast Tutorial: get it rig
  8. you should contact them about this issue and make clear that they have to pay license fees when they use your game. also make sure to change the link to your game so if they just bound in the url they get a dead link now. if they just use your url you could also add ads to your game and use their traffic but i would stick to force them to pay license fees.
  9. The editor is awesome although it took a some time to figure out how everything is working i had alot of fun. For the next game that uses some fancy particles i will definitly try to use Neutrino Particles, hopefully i can build a plugin for Construct 2. Keep up the good work!
  10. this looks impressive, i will try to find some time this week and give it a try. thanks for sharing
  11. If you have a design with white font on black background, please consider that there are some people who cant read contrasty things for to long if they are that way. I would be pleased if you could add an option to load another CSS files with brighter background and some darker font. (im sun sensitive so it feels like looking into the sun or a lamp)
  12. Sounds promising, its a niche that isnt well present on PC but the requests are high. Wish you the best.
  13. First of all, never ever trust a third party system to 100%! always do a backup and even if it would be your own system, just do another backup, just in case. Other then that, just try to contact them about the issue and ask if they have some backup for you normally such systems run a backup every now and then, maybe they updated their system and this issue happen afterwards. just try and cross fingers that you get your hard work back. wish you the best dude!
  14. If you want something that last for a while i would suggest Nvidia's Shield K1, Xiaomi's miPad or Lenovo's Yoga Tablet 2. All Three are around $200 maybe a bit less but prices differ depending where you live. They are Top-notch for their pricefield and equally if not slightly better then Samsung's Galaxy Tab S. Look into them and find the best price possible. I think you may find what you seek. Hope this helps
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