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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Can you explain what problem you had with the mouse controls.
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first phaser game. http://wrinklydoggames.com/games/cosmiccrash/
  3. This is my first phaser game. It only has 12 levels so far but I should have more soon along with more unique challenges. http://wrinklydoggames.com/?page_id=17 I've updated the game with 12 new levels and improved the look and game play.
  4. Thanks, I've fixed several bugs and improved the look of the blocks. I agree they were a little harsh, hopefully you'll find them better now. Now I can start the hard part and try to get more people playing the game.
  5. This is my latest game. Its a tetris style game with falling blocks. But each block has a number. You must select the correct blocks to be added or subtracted to get the target number. Its still a work in progress but any feedback is appreciated. play http://mathmaster.lyleonline.ca
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