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  1. Oh!!! Thanks!!! I will try to do this!
  2. Hi guys! I'm trying to create artificial intelligence of the enemies of my game, and I'm finding it difficult to create a method that makes the enemy feel the presence of the player to follow and attack him as well. I tried to group a geometric shape of a circle and a sprite both positioned at the same coordinates, however checked the documentation I can not use this form. It needs to be a group and / or a sprite. What can I do? The attached image shows the idea of what I do
  3. I'm trying to use setInterval() to make a NPC that move randomly.. but I'm not succeeding.. I'm using an engine (canvas engine) for this. (forgive me if my english is very bad.. e-e"..) anyway.. can someone help me? D:
  4. oh yeah u-u it's a very good game..