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  1. so my gsap duration is longer than next requestAnimationFrame(), lets say 2secs my ques: will it destroy my program in long run? should i bother about it and optimize it? will it create multiple gsap threads? how to optimize/destroy old gsap in next requestAnimationFrame?
  2. ok, it worked, for future people(including me) here is a simple fix: const bloomFltr = new PIXI.filters.BloomFilter(); const heart = new PIXI.Sprite(heartTexture); heart.filters = [bloomFltr,blurFltr] bloomFltr.blur =120; bloomFltr.padding =5;
  3. i am new to canvas+pixi world, so pardon me for mistakes, well i applied bloom filter on svg with blur = 20, now how i can elemenate this rectangular cut? any smoothing or expand this rectangle to upto faded edges?
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