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  1. If you're using the Tiled map editor, then gl-tiled can help render large maps efficiently (WebGL only).
  2. As Exca mentioned this is an actual browser limitation. There is a limit to the number of WebGL contexts you are allowed to create in a single page. The actual number depends on your environment and browser. No, one canvas has 1 renderer.
  3. Do you have a running example we can debug?
  4. A running playground that reproduces this problem would be really helpful for trying to track down what is going on here. You can choose the pixi version using the "settings" button to get your exact version.
  5. No bans are happening here (yet). @5neia_opo2@google-mail.ooo, try to understand the frustration people are experiencing. A new user came to the forum and in nearly every post they made trashed the project they were asking about. A lot of people here put in a lot of time and effort to not only to develop the project, but answer questions here as well. I was definitely frustrated reading your responses as someone who has put 6+ years of their life into this project. @botmaster did a poor job of handling that situation, but has apologized and I'm sure will do better in the future, as will you as
  6. A description of how to run it locally is in the readme: https://github.com/englercj/playground#usage
  7. Then you should make those changes and PR them to the main repo, not deploy a separate parallel instance. I'd love to integrate the ability to handle l10n! Setting up and running your own instance is not something you need to do, especially if your not familiar with managing deployments like this. If you insist: Everything you would need to know about setting up a server to run the app on is here: https://github.com/englercj/playground/blob/9267471c869d1610339e8c7a175d322453b69dbd/server/droplet-setup.sh Environment configuration and how that gets setup is here: http
  8. Hello, npm contains all the dependencies needed to build and run locally. To run on the server in "production" mode there is a lot more involved (MySQL and CloudFlare integration for example). I have automated scripts for setting up a server, but you still need to build them yourself and make all the configuration. Why are you trying to publish a separate version of the playground app? If you are trying to share a playground with someone, just make it and save it on the live site: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit
  9. Are you encountering a performance issue with the method you are using?
  10. If you are using ES6 then extend the class using ES6: export class CustomSpriteClass extends PIXI.Sprite { constructor(imageURL) { super(Texture.fromImage(imageURL)); } } If you have to use ES5 the proper way to extend a constructor is: function CustomSpriteClass(imageURL) { PIXI.Sprite.call(this, Texture.fromImage(imageURL)); } CustomSpriteClass.prototype = Object.create(PIXI.Sprite.prototype); CustomSpriteClass.prototype.constructor = CustomSpriteClass;
  11. I think you are looking for getBounds(): http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.Container.html#getBounds
  12. The correct way to implement this would be through a proposed "subresource options" feature (https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader/issues/98) and the addition of a Resource-specific option for appending a query string. If you have better ideas for how this should work, please add them to: https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader/issues As always PRs are welcome for additional features that make your life easier.
  13. http://pixijs.io/examples/#/basics/render-texture.js For next time, prefer opening a new thread to reviving a 3 year old one
  14. Conditionally load the pixi.js file and the code that draws your graphics based on some JS on your page that does your detection?
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